Hanging at the Highline

Last Sunday Juan and I decided to go visit the new Highline Park down by 14th street that used to be an old elevated railroad track. We met up with the Chapmans as well as Nikki and her momma Jain!! It downpoured that day but not until well after we left the park. The sun struggled to peak out through the clouds but it left it's mark before hiding out :-) I definitely look forward to visiting the Highline again and hopefully this time the sun will shine a bright smile.

Here are a few pics of the Chapmans!

And of course Little Sydney!


Lauren J. Rivera said...

These look beautiful. I cannot wait to get together to have our day of shooting! Me the videographer and you the photographer :)

Yaira said...

Love the pics!!! Looks like you had fun with the chapmans!!