Nadhir - "You Glow Girl!"

Good friends are few and far between, but when you recognize who those people are, you hold them dear and appreciate their friendship. Nadhir is one of those people who I can honestly call one of my best friends. He is funny, extremely talented (a triple threat in his own right...he can sing, dance and act) and a wonderful father! Nadhir asked me to take his headshots for him. He was cast as "Antoine" the gay make-up artist and founder of "You Glow Girl" for a new pilot that will be in production soon. It was colder than ice on Friday but we had a blast during the shoot!!

Here is a little history:

Nadhir and I first became friends when I was working out at Bally's. I had just moved back from Miami and needed to get in shape (go figure, you'd think I would be in shape living in Miami...not for me). Nadhir was a personal trainer there and after giving me a few pointers on what I should and shouldn't be doing with the machines, we just hit it off. At that time, Nadhir was also singing with a Latin band on the weekends. After a few months of hanging out with Nadhir and his boy band I got laid off from work (no, I didn't get laid off because I was hanging out with him and his boy band....just wanted to make that clear :-)). He referred me to his production company since they were in need of a receptionist at the time. I met with the owner and started working with them the next week. That is where my 8 year journey with the music industry began!! The journey itself would need its own post along with pictures so I will save it for next

The point is Nadhir and I have always remained the best of friends up until this day and I couldn't be more proud of him. I have witnessed him evolve as a person and become the amazing father that he is today. We have been through our ups and downs, have shared the loss of an amazing mentor (Joe, we miss you!) and have become part of eachother's families. So now I say to him, Thank you Nadhir! Thank you for being a great friend!

And since a post isn't a post without pictures, here are a few headshots I took of him at Brooklyn Bridge Park this past Friday. He really liked the brick background from my last shoot with Hencys and wanted the same effect.










And here are a few we took just for fun:




And here are my faves:




I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Fantabulous New Year!!!
See you all back here in 2010!



Latina Vega said...

Beautiful Pictures Judie!! Great story. I'd love to get together in March when I come through, we can do each others pix?! Whatcha' think?

crankyT said...

Beautiful stuff. My faves are your faves ;)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

~~JAZ~~ said...

Hi ladies!!! Latina - I would love for us to get together while you're here so we must definitely plan it!! I can't wait!!
Tina - Thank you girl!! Hey, we are neighbors now so lets make it happen after the New Year, you me and Sandy and some red wine!!

Have a great Holiday ladies!!

Lauren J. Rivera said...

The most amazing thing about this photoshoot? The fact that he doesn't look the LEAST bit cold lol. Seriously speaking though, amazing as always!!

Melissa said...

LOVE these. The ones on graffiti wall are my fave.

asinglephoto said...

These images are great. You were able to catch the many emotions of this session

Kelsey said...

Beautiful images! Nice job!

Kim K. said...

Great shots! Love the third to last shot!

Mandy Leonards said...

Handsome guy! Great shots!