Shaila Mariyah - 2 Weeks Old

I remember the day that my friend Janessa told me she was expecting baby number two. It was at a BBQ that "J" and I hosted over the summer at a local park when Janessa and her husband Greg drove in from NJ to spend the day with us. Their daughter, Janasia, was about a year and a half at the time and so I was excited to just pull out my camera and start taking pictures. While sitting on the blanket with Janasia, her mom asked me to look at her shirt and when I did, it said something like "Mommy's got a little bun in her oven", ..something to that effect, but I think you get the

Anyways, I read it twice, then I looked at her, then her husband and I just totally flipped out! I remember I kept yelling over to "J" Honey, they are having baby number 2 and we toasted to our water
Well, its been about 9 mths and Janessa had baby girl #2, Shaila Mariyah! The minute she text me to let me know her bundle of joy had arrived, I jumped at the chance to take her newborn photos!

Welcome to the world Shaila! You are loved by so many :-)

Thank you Janessa and Greg for letting me spend Valentine's morning with you and your two Angels!

Time for introductions, meet Shaila!

Sheyla _0024_BW_WM

Sheyla _0350_WM

Sheyla _0315_WM
**Basket and Knitted blanket provided by Touch Of Romance.

Sheyla _0410_BW_WM

Sheyla _0370_WM

Sheyla _0730_WM

Sheyla _0571_BW_WM

Shaila and Mommy

Sheyla _0532_WM

Sheyla _0432_BW_WM

Sheyla _0518_WM

Sheyla _0566_Vintage_WM

Shaila and Daddy

Sheyla _0513_WM

Sheyla _0474_WM

Sheyla _0497_WM

Sheyla _0487_WM

Mommy and Daddy

Sheyla _0437_WM

Sheyla _0553_WM

Sheyla _0471_WM

and big sister Janasia!

Sheyla _0267_WM

Sheyla _0085_WM

Sheyla _0177_WM

Sheyla _0148_WM

Sheyla _0634_WM

Sheyla _0600_WM

Sheyla _0644_WM

Have a Fantabulous weekend!!


** Basket and knitted blankets were provided by Mayra Ortiz, Touch of Romance. Check out her wide collection of knitted and crochet blankets and baby sweaters here.


Omar said...

Congratulation to the parents and to the photographer... Those are such beautiful pictures. A baby is always joy, love and happiness.

Kelly (kkklatt) said...

Beautiful pictures-what a gorgeous family! Love the shots with mom and dad!

sharon v said...

what great images... I also love the mom & dad images. gorgeous.

Zenia Photography said...

Oh goodness - the baby is so alert! love it!

Melissa Koehler said...

What a beautiful family! I bet they love these!

Kelsey said...

These are precious! Nice job!

Julie Livermore said...

Lovely family, great job capturing them!

Kiley E Photography said...

gorgeous family!

Ilia said...

Congrats to the family....
Great Job Mama!!!! I'm so proud of you.

Photo Synergy said...

OH MY what a gorgeous family!

Kim said...

Wow.. what a beautiful family.. what a great job on these..

Mandy said...

Super cute family!

Becca said...

These are GORGEOUS! Love your processing on them!!

Stephanie said...

what a beautiful baby girl! that hair is gorgeous!

Toki Lee Kanitz said...

what a beautiful family and your images were just lovely!!! i'll bet the parents are thrilled!!

Shanni said...

What a gorgeous family. The little ones have beautiful eyes.

Marinda said...

Beautiful! What a gorgeous family!

Kim K. said...

Such a beautiful family! Great work!

Jackie Beale said...

these are amazing girl! They are such a beautiful family :)

chelo said...

I'm loving the one of her yawning with dad :)