The Beautiful Sun & a Wedding - Punta Cana

***This post is pic heavy***

Back in Mid April, J and I went to beautiful Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a well deserved, week long vacation. Thank goodness for Henry & Rosi for picking such a beautiful island to exchange their vows. We were initially going for their wedding but decided to extend our stay so that we cna make it a vacation of sorts. Of course, any tropical island is a vacation, but for us, this would be our last vacation before we exchange our vows next year.

We stayed at the beautiful NH Real Arena Resort and booked our Outback Safari Tour. Well, its not really a Safari tour per say, but it is an all day tour up in the country side where we got to visit two homes and a beautiful secluded beach. The first stop showed us how they make Chocolate and Coconut Oil and the second stop demonstrated how they made coffee and rolled cigars. Our final stop was at the beautiful Bavaro Beach. We had a fabulous time and would recommend the tour to anyone who visits Punta Cana.

The fabulous Kim Mintzer was also there to photograph Henry & Rosi's wedding and did an amazing job capturing their love for eachother. You rock kim!! I brought good'ole Lucy with me and was able to sneek in a few shots of my own...hahahaha.

The trip was an absolute delight and we had such a fun time with an abundance of fabulous people. Now to show off the pics....hahaha.

Have a great weekend!

The Hotel grouds

Our tour guide Alex

Amazing view

J with the children from the village

Cocoa anyone?


J and the fabulous Kim Mintzer

Time for some a-a-a-a-a-alcohol!

or perhaps a cigar...

Time to buy some souvenirs



And now some shots of the Bride and Groom

Henry having a moment with his mom





That's all folks!!


Kim Mintzer said...

I love them. You are such an amazing photographer. Namaste.

crankyT said...

I love them! Beautiful

Kimberlee said...

Beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Nicole Denae Photography said...

nice work, lovely.

bbphotography said...

Beautiful job!

Zenia Photography said...

Oohh so jealous about your vacation!

Cynthia said...


Sara Welch said...

very cool, love the one of him wiping his eyes!

lisa said...

Beautiful. You captured such tender moments here.

Christy said...

I want to go there - lovely wedding!!!!