Cheryl & Joshua - Maternity

This session is super special to me. It's special because this young couple have known each other since they were about 12 years old and have always been fond of each other. A Junior Highschool crush that once was, rekindled 7 years later. We have all experienced our first love and remember how those butterflies make you feel :-) Well now they are young adults, totally and completely in love, starting on a new journey as parents.

Please meet my son Joshua and his beautiful girlfriend Cheryl.













Joshua & Cheryl: I love you both so much and I know you're both going to be phenomenal parents!! The love you both share is unbreakable. I am excited for you both and can't wait for Baby Mason to get here!


Anonymous said...

We Love you too!!...thank you for everything ALWAYS!

Lori said...

I knew Cheryl from when she was just a little girl...She is like family to me. Thats how I found this page, but just wanted to say, that I love the kind of pics you take...good job and congrats on becoming a grandmommy!

Best wishes always!


Anonymous said...

Judy, these are amazing. You really captured how in love this couple is. The mother-to-be looks happy and beautiful and your son takes a lot after you! I love their story. Lovely couple, lovely you!


Yoselyn said...

Hi!Just beautiful and blessed! I am excited for all of you. Congrats Joshua on your new family. Well- I saw u since infancy and into adulthood;wow,how time has gone by.May God give both of you the strength, courage,vision and wisdom to b e the best parents you can be! Luv, Joselyn and Nelson

Christy F said...

Gorgeous couple and beautiful portraits you captured!

Rezika Zurch said...

She looks so GOOD! What a beautiful couple!

Anonymous said...

Love the Picture of Josh kissing the belly! Lovely pics!

Holly said...

Gorgeous! Love the second and last one...she is a beautiful mommy-to-be!

Zenia said...

Aww these are so sweet!

Tara said...

Cute idea with the swings! Beautiful captures.

Brit said...

BEAUTIFUL series! I bet they are amazed by these!

Anonymous said...

wow that's a beautiful story,The pics are HOT.I can't believe u r going 2 b a grandma awwwwwwwwwwww omg joshua is a grown handsome man wow how time flys and his girlfriend is beautiful. I wish them a beautiful and blessed future.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! Cherish these moments and remember to always look forward and back to your love and happy moments.

Melissa Klein said...

GORGEOUS! I love everything about these.

Mary Marantz said...

they are beautiful!