The PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2010

When I looked at my inbox and saw the email about this years PDN PhotoPlus Expo I hesitated, again. I took a deep breath and thought "should I go?". I really wanted to, but somehow didn't think I was "good enough". I brushed it off last year because of the same reason but after really thinking it over, I knew I couldn't pass this up and if I had, then I would regret it. There wasn't anything that was going to stop me this time. I had to stop second guessing myself, I do that way too often. This time was different, I felt I earned the right to be there alongside other photographers.
Without a second thought, I purchased my ticket to what would be my very first Photo Convention.

When I tell you that I was super excited, I mean I was CRAZY SUPER EXCITED!! All I did was talk about this Expo and I think it drove Juan nuts especially when I tried to convince him that he too should be Anyways, about a week before the event, I read that one of my most favorite photographers, Jasmine*, was going to hold a seminar about Branding. I seriously caught a case and told Juan "OMG!! Jasmine will be coming to NYC to speak at the Expo, there is no way I can miss out on that!" As much as I am sure he wanted to just roll his eyes and say "here we go", he didn't. He looked at me and smiled and with just that I knew I had his blessing.

I made my way to the Expo crazy early, by crazy early I mean I was there at 7:45am because that was early registration for GoldPass members. So of course, I felt the need to be there that early assuming other GoldPass members would too. I was completely wrong about that one! Ha! Birds were still chirping as I made my way inside the Jacob Javits Center and once I got my badge I learned the Expo didn't begin until 10am. Do I look desperate yet? No, just anxious to attend my first Photo Expo ever :-)

Anywho, as I waited in this massive venue sitting on a bench, I couldn't help but wonder what the seminar with Jasmine* would be like. I was a faithful follower of her blog and already knew so much about her from her 5 Day Creative Live Wedding Photography Course but I was about to meet her in person!!! That was a big deal people! Ok, let me contain my excitement here. So, finally 10am made its way and I entered the Expo Hall. I was completely in awe and totally OVERWHELMED! I didn't know where to start first but I quickly made my way around each booth making sure to take in as much information as I could.

A couple of hours later I met up with Angie and Nadya (these girls rock) and we picked up some over priced lunch before heading down to the seminar room. We anticipated that there would be a long line but thank goodness, we were the first one's there :-) We just hung out and chatted it up when Astami joined us and pointed towards Becker, another amazing photographer from California. Astami quickly ran over to introduce herself and take a pic, she is too cute! Once 3:45pm rolled in, we walked into the seminar and met up with two more awesome girls Julia and Lindsay and took out seats in the front row, yes we are cool like that, Ha!

Becker introduced Jasmine to the stage and for the next two hours we were enthralled by Jasmine's motivational energy, laughter and sincerity. She spoke of marketing, creating your brand and most importantly, being yourself and keeping it real! We hung around afterwards for a quick meet and greet with Jasmine and her husband JD and of course, we took some pictures!

All in all, I had a blast! And best of all, I was able to share that experience with a group of amazing ladies who share the same goals as me and aspire to be more than just a "photographer". The treat: I finally got me a Shootsac!

Angie, Nadya, Julia, Astami and Lindsey: I am so glad to have finally met you ladies and I look forward to many more gatherings :-)

Now, the photos:



The Becker!

Jasmine getting mic'd up by her husband JD.

J* with Julia

J* with Nadya

JD & Angie

J* and myself, along with her many

And the new addition to my family:

Have a fantabulous weekend folks!


angela said...

hehehe Judie It was so great to finally meet in person! =) it was a great day. let's meet before crazy holidays!!! =)

Jackie Beale said...

awww congrats girly on attending your first photo expo! Are you planning on going to WPPI by any chance? I would love to go!

Julia said...

We had so much fun! I'd like my pic emailed to :D since I left my cam like a loser! We must get together soon!

Beth said...

Wow, it looks like you had an awesome time!

Lauren J. Rivera said...

Glad you had a fabulous time and you better know you deserved to be there!!! xoxo