Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Part 2

Saying that Mexico was a beautiful country is an understatement. It was amazingly beautiful and I had the most wonderful relaxing experience ever! If you haven't been, you must go :-) Here are the rest of my photos, enjoy! 2012-05-07_013 2012-05-07_006 2012-05-07_017 2012-05-07_018 2012-05-07_068 2012-05-07_066 Visiting the ruins of Tulum 2012-05-07_019 2012-05-07_021 2012-05-07_023 2012-05-07_028 2012-05-07_029 2012-05-07_030 2012-05-07_027 2012-05-07_032 Look at this beautiful beach situated at the bottom of the hill 2012-05-07_043 2012-05-07_045 2012-05-07_050 2012-05-07_047 During one of our 2012-05-07_074 We went to an Eco-park as well as zip lining but I was scard to bring my camera to those places. I took some photos with a waterproof camera so once I get those I will post :-) Here is what I did manage to capture. 2012-05-07_075 DSC00514 DSC00515 Our faces on the morning we were coming back 2012-05-07_007 Until next time Mexico! Adios!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures. Y'all look great...and I'm kinda jealous xoxoxo