Mali & Jimmy: Baby Shower

Last week I posted my beautiful cousin's Maternity session, this week I give you the Baby Shower :-) The shower took place in the garden area of Bleu Evolution, a small cozy cafe in Washington Heights. 2012-05-24_001 2012-05-24_002 2012-05-24_011 2012-05-24_003 2012-05-24_015 2012-05-24_004 The beautiful host Haizel and her husband Vantroi 2012-05-24_012 Mali & Grandma 2012-05-24_014 2012-05-24_007 2012-05-24_021 Games! 2012-05-24_009 2012-05-24_020 2012-05-24_005 Time for gifts! 2012-05-24_018 2012-05-24_008 2012-05-24_006 2012-05-24_010 The Three Amigos, like old times! 2012-05-24_027 Everyone had such a great time and knowing that this sweet little baby will be here soon made it all the more pleasing. We are all anxious to meet him :-) Thank you Mali & Jimmy for allowing me to capture these beautiful memories that you can share with Augie :-)


Cassi Claire said...

Man, you made that party look awesome...I've never wanted to go to a baby shower so badly haha!

christina said...

Congrats to them!! Looks like an awesome day!