He's Here! Let me introduce you to August Manuel

My fabulously gorgeous cousin and her hubby finally welcomed their angel August Manuel on July 17th and he weighed a whopping 9lbs 8oz! They have completely fallen in love and how can you not? This boy is such a cutie pie. It has been quite the journey for both Mali and Jimmy and in the end, the struggle was well worth it. We are all blessed by his presense.

Since Mali and Jimmy were going to be in TN for two weeks, I decided to take a quick trip to Baneberry to visit the little guy there. My gosh is there a lot to see in Tennessee....that will be a whole other post but anyways... In the two days I was there I was smitten by this little guy. After spending time with him I decided to give him the knick name "King August" because well, he is a King! Ha! King August....I love the sound of it. Meet the little boy who has stolen our hearts :-)

August Manuel Langton












Yep, he was pretty much done posing for photos by this time...lol.

I definitely did get my fill of quality time with King August but my visit was too short so I will make up for it when I see him in two weeks..hehehe. Until next time!


Elle J said...

He's gorgeous, his parents look so happy and the pics are amazing!!

maybe*mej said...

Wonderful photos. What à sweet family