A New Start

Welcome to my Photo Blog! The place where I will share my love for photography and document my journey to making my dream come true.

Who: Judie Ann Zevack (soon to be Castro :-)) A strong, motivated, independent woman who is trying to make it in a competitive world. I am engaged to my "Prince Charming" and am a mom to "J" and step-mom-to-be to "B".

What: I have always loved photography and it's always been a part of my life. I can assure you all that my friends and family have been annoyed one too many times by my persistence on documenting anything that's interesting to me...lmao!! What can I say, every picture I take is a memory of that moment for me, it will forever be linked to a particular time in my life so why not capture it.

Why: Because I love it! I enjoy capturing moments, it's my way of stopping time even if just for a brief second. Through my eyes you will see what I see and how I see it!

Hope you Enjoy!


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