Vanessa Joy is 2!

A couple of weeks ago Juan and I attended a birthday picnic for my one of my dear friend's daughter Vanessa. She was turning two years old. She is growing up so fast and is the splitting image of her

Vanessa's mommy Tara and I grew up together. We have known each other since we were 12 years old so that's about... hmmm 24 years now...oh geez, that is truly a long time! We were the best of friends in high school but then we lost touch when her mom passed away and she was sent to Long Island to live with her Auntie. We kept in touch every so often for the next 3 yrs but then we just lost touch. We finally reconnected again in 2004 when I came across her aunt's number and figured I would try to call. Thank God the number was the same, we spoke and planned to meet. It was truly a tearful reunion because about 15 years had passed since we had seen each other so I fell to tears when I saw her. She looked just like her mom did. Here we were at Fibbers in L.I. crying and hugging. We talked for hours that night and swore that we would not lose touch again.
A couple of months later Tara was coming going into the city to meet me since she was going to spend the weekend at my home. I told her that I had to go to my son's school to attend a Parent/Teacher conference and so I gave her the option of either waiting at my house or coming with me. She chose the latter...a decision that she is totally grateful for. As Tara waited in the hall way for me to finish up with the teacher's, she got acquainted with my son's English teacher who went by the name "Mr. G". A total hottie so it didn't surprise me that she was flirting with him when I went to get They said their goodbyes and we were on our way. The following Monday my son comes home and tells me that he had a note from Mr.G for Tara. I was in complete shock and thought "check this guy out! Using my son to pimp himself out to my friend!". My son laughed at me and said "mom, you know you're going to call Tara" with the biggest cheese smile on his face and so of course, I called her.
Tara's screams of excitement nearly made me deaf...I gave her the number and she called. Two months later, Tara moved from L.I. to Sleepy Hollow (Westchester) to live with Mr.G and a year later they got married!!! My son was the guest of honor at their wedding and the rest is history. Vanessa Joy is the blessing that was created by this beautiful couple!! Ahh..the memories.
Tara and Tommy Gonzalez, also known as "The Gonzo's" will forever be a part of our lives!! We love you guys. Here are the pics from the picnic.

This is Pierce

Here is Vanessa in action

This is Kiana, Pierce's big sister

Mrs. G and Vanessa

Mr. G and Mr.

We love you mama!

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