EDC Picnic at Coney Island

On Friday August 7th, EDC had their Annual Summer Picnic. This year it was held at Coney Island. Coney Island is on the verge of being either re-vamped (God-willing) with help of City Funding and private donations or shut down completely to make space for a resort. A third of the parks attractions have been shut down so far but the spirit of Coney Island has not diminished. Living in NYC almost all my life has made me realize that there is so much that us New Yorker's take for granted. The beautiful city skylines, the colorful Botanical Gardens and the youthful sounds of children playing in the parks. I love this city and the older I get the more respect I have the wonderful city that has become my home!! I am not sure how much longer I will live here but I know for sure that I will always carry NYC in my heart forever.

Here are a few pics of Coney Island and my co-workers:

The Parachute Tower
Parachute Tower

Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel
The Wonder Wheel

The Best Roller Coaster
The Famous Cyclone Roller Coaster

Sumo Wrestling with the Executives
Sumo Wrestling with the bosses

EDC'ers Looking on

The Beach @ Coney Island
The Beach @ Coney Island





David and Delando
Dave and Delando

Fred and Juan
Fred and Juan

Until Next time!! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


crankyT said...

LOVE these!

melissa said...

these are great, especially in full sun!

Provo Photography said...

Cool! I love the sumo shot haha. Looks like fun

Lauren J. Rivera said...

love the amusement park pics!!!

Stephanie said...

Great captures!

Kristen said...

These are awesome!!! So colorful and fun and I so wish I was there :)

Julia said...

Ha! These are great! Looks like it was a fun trip :)

Dreaming Tree Photography said...

These are great! I really hope they re-vamp it and not shut it down!

aimeeferguson said...

looks like a great time was had by all!! fabulous images!!

Jackie Beale said...

awesome! thanks for sharing these! I haven't been to Coney Island since I was like ten. This definilty bought back memories. I miss NYC too :(

Kim said...

These are wonderful.. I have not been to Coney Island in years.. makes me want to go!

Casey Yu said...

I <3 Coney Island, good job!