Lauren Sosa - Highline Park

Lauren and I go back, way back...back into Sorry, couldn't help myself there :-) We have known each other since we were kids. The funny thing is that we have not seen each other in almost 20 years. Thanks to this cute little networking site known to the whole world as Facebook, Lauren and I reconnected. I was super excited to have found her and her sister Angie. Ahhh, to reminisce about the good 'ole days. We caught up on each other's lives, the good and the not-so-good, the experiences with our children, the many vacations and of course the happy stories. After several invitations, Lauren and I finally met up on the night of August 1st at a movie premier. As we stood in line in the lobby of the theatre, Ms. Lauren mentioned to me about her wanting to get into acting. She had the connections and needed photos to get everything in order. I mentioned to her about my love for photography and how I was building a portfolio and so we knew we were destined to somehow work together.

The following evening Lauren called me and asked if I would take her head shot's. I of course, said yes. Now she doesn't know that after we agreed on the details, I jumped up for joy from the excitement!! Well ok, so now she I was just grateful that someone took a look at my work and gave me the opportunity to show them what I was capable of. She trusted me enough to get the job done. Now I am in now way a professional, just yet, but I am a "professional in training" and so I know what I am and am not capable of. Well enough of my babbling, let's move on to some pictures!!

Thank you Lauren for allowing me the opportunity to do this for! Te Quiero Mucho chiquita!

**Disclaimer: I am still learning how to re-touch so please bare with**



















That's all folk's!!


Latina Vega said...

NENA these r great!! I'm going to e-mail you now.

Anonymous said...

Great Work!!!
Chris Frias

Pretty Wings said...

wao. this is what 40 looks like! wepa! hee hee

Pretty Wings said...

im sorry! its not all about me! lol still! You did great!!! muahz

Lauren J. Rivera said...

these look amazing! my fav are the diva ones and the one that has that 70s feel - sick!!

crankyT said...

These are great! Totally love them!

Haizel said...

judie, you have come along way and you can only get better!great job and keep up the good work!xoxo!i would like to schedule my family photo shoot ASAP!!!LOL!

Dreaming Tree Photography said...

Those look great! She is stunnign!

Cophia said...

She is gorgeous! Fantastic work!

Angela said...

A Diva in the making. Great images

Heather said...

beautiful lady! great work!

aimeeferguson said...

these are awesome, and she looks fabulous - love them all!!

gail said...

Lovely work!

Sharon Gartrell Photography Fort Worth said...

Wow! I love the lighting in the last two! Very dramatic!

Marinda said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Great work!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it..They look great..

Sandy Jenete said...

Great job! Love that black dress! :)

Crys said...

Love the last one, very fashionable!
Magazine shot there!

Jennifer O. said...

What a beautiful smile she has!

Steve N. said...

whaddya mean "... by no means a professional"..? ya coulda fooled me!! JAZ, sweetie, that preemptive warning is seriously a tad much... those pics look GREAT!!! A low tiger growl for your friend Lauren for making the pics better ;)
I also absolutely LOVE off-center shots and you have taken it a step further. Beautiful job, manita...!

Marissa Rodriguez said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! These are great! You did an awesome job!!! keep up the amazing work!

BeeBopp23 said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog!

I must say that you have a good eye for photography! These photos of your friend are stunning! She looks strong, confident, and beautiful!

BeeBopp23 said...

Hi! Hope your having a good morning, although I think its about noon your time?!

About Picasa, I have to play around with it more, but so far I like it. It has an option to upload your photos from Picasa to your blogger blog which is pretty cool. Also, Picasa downloads onto your computer and you have a desktop icon that you just click on to open it which is pretty cool (I don't know if you knew that, I was under the impression that the program was an internet thing where your photos are stored online, but they're not.)
The program organizes your files by year, or at least mine did, I'm pretty sure you can make it organize your photos how you want, but I was impatient and pushed whatever! Lol! Another cool thing that I really like is that it displays all TIF and RAW photos as thumbnails and you can even look at them in a bigger size! I don't know if this is the case for you, but on my computer I can't just open a RAW photo and look at it, it has to be opened in a RAW photo editor. With this program it displays all files! Time saver!

Lol! Sorry this ended up being so long! I would download it and see how you like it! For me, I think it will be worth it! The collage I made can be printed from the program which I think is cool since I don't know how to do that yet in CS3! Okay, gotta go!! Have a great day!!

Laura Brett said...

Beautiful headshots, great job!