Is Summer over already?? (Pic Heavy)

Just when I thought that the Summer would hang on for a little while longer, poof, it's gone!! One week we're having hot, humid 95 degree whether and the next we get cool, breezy nights. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather sleep comfortably in cool breezy weather than waking up having to peel my face off my pillow because I am drenched in sweat. Yes, I do have an air conditioner people but times are hard and Con Edison is beating people up with the high electric bills so I try to use my handy fan when need be. Ok, enough of my I obviously felt the need to get that off my chest. Must be because I only hit the beach 2 times this summer and I am an absolute Sun Whore. I love tanning despite the fact that my skin will probably wrinkle before my time but hey, who is paying attention to my wrinkles anyway....LMAO! Ok, Ok. I promise, I will stop.

Over the weekend,I had the pleasure of attending two events. On Saturday I went to my friend's baby shower. I was worried because Tropical Storm Danny was supposed to hit NYC hard on Saturday but to my surprise after a cloudy morning, the sun peaked through and made a dreary day beautiful! There were a lot of people there and the DJ totally rocked the party out. I had "Lucy" with me so here a few pics of that day.

Decorated rocking chair


I loved the Centerpieces!

The DJ

Just a few of the guests at our table, Casey and Hildegard
Casey and Hildegard

Nardo and his son Aiden
Aiden and Nardo

Here is Aiden with his dad again... I love this pic!! Too cute not to post!
Aiden and Nardo..again

This was the only time I got Aiden and Tyler to sit still...Aiden is saying "cheese" while clenching his
Aiden and Tyler

ok, just one more of Aiden...he is such a cutie

And finally the lovely mommy to be Edawn and her husband Freddie....this was the only one shot that actually made it, ignore all the elbowing :-) You did an amazing job planning the shower Freddie!

On Sunday, we headed over to a BBQ that our dear friends Janessa and Greg were having at the Ross Dock Picnic area underneath the George Washington Bridge (NJ side). Here are some random shots from that day.




Here is my step-son on the swing


Here is Janessa with Janasia




Well, that's all folks! For now anyways :-)


Lauren J. Rivera said...

Kid pics- gorgeous.
Flowers pics- so beautiful I can smell them!
Food pics- made me hungry! lol

crankyT said...

Great stuff! Especially the kid pics... love Aidan and his Dad :)

Teresa said...

I love the little girl's big brown eyes! Nice capture!

Jennifer Morse said...

Looks like so much fun! Good captures!

Jennifer O. said...

Those are great! Looks like it was a good time!

Erin said...

You pics have amazing color!

Janessa said...

OMG i just luv, luv to read ur blogs! And all your pics r so crystal clear. Luv them...keep up the great job!!!

Aimee Lashley said...

Great pics!!! Looks like everyone had so much fun!!!

melissa said...

great variety of pics, poses.

Sandy Jenete said...

The kids are adorable! You did an excellent job on I feel like having a burger! Lol

dotun said...

very nice shots

Jackie Beale said...

hey girly, keep me updated on how it goes for you with setting your cam to auto focus. Trust me, you will love it and you will find that you nail your focusing more often than using the shutter button :)