Just one of those days...

Ever wonder why we park in a drive way and drive in a park way? Or whether or not Lipton employees ever take coffee breaks?  These are just things that make you go hmmmm....lol.  Well, today is just one of those days when all you can do is laugh and keep it moving. 

My weekend is filled with festivities so why not start it off on a good note :-)  Every time I ask my husband to look at me when I want to take a picture of him, this is what I get:


Lordy!!  Can't he even crack a smile?  Oh well.  At least he doesn't give me this look:


Ha!!!  So there, when you're having one of those days, just laugh and keep it moving!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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Mayra Ortiz-Ranko said...

Great stuff, Judie! Made me laugh!