They say friends come and go.  You have old ones, new ones, annoying ones, funny ones and of course, childhood ones.  I feel friendships are like relationships, I mean technically it is a relationship so it takes work from both parties to make it flourish. I have had my share of great and not so great friends but thankfully, the great supercede it all. 

We have friends who are always there no matter what and we have friends who we see every so often but yet pick up where we left off as if time never passed. Then we have friends who are just instant. There is just a connection from the beginning and you just know that it is a friendship that will last.

So this post is basically to give recognition to all of my friends who have been there for me at one point or another. I am truly blessed to have you in my life so thank you for being there and sharing your life with me!!

I would post photos of them all but its too So here are a few photos from our recent trip to Miami! Spending time with old friends and making new ones ;-)


Don't ask! LMAO! I guess Cracker Barrel makes him happy.




Thank you for a great time Eli, Charly, Luly and Diego!!! We will party hard when you come to NYC!




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I am looking forward to our next get together and another hilarious night of the sixsome we created (opps actually sevensome with Mr. Milky Snake), and anyone else that comes along and tops the fun we had. A week later I am still laughing with Avatar, Matrix, Kung Fu Panda, and the latest Mr. Milky Snake that was produce by the three wonderful men that were privileged to have our company.

Your friends are fortunate for having you in their lives; you know that I am choosy when I call a person a True Friend – everyone can show you a smile, FB you, laugh all night with you, go place with you, do 1000 thing with you….but few will tell you the whole truth, respect every aspect of you, point out the worst of you- while bringing out the best of you, admire you – while not being jealous of the things that make you - YOU, be there for you no matter if it’s near or far, and some many other non-material details that create a True Friend ( I can go on but I am sure you get the message).

Thanks Judie for being a True Friend and sharing warm smiles that last forever…

LUV U MUCHOOOO….Eli ( Juan’s EB)