The Fix and Fabulous People!

This past Friday 200 other photographers and myself attended an awesome speaking engagement that was hosted by the ever fabulous Jasmine Star!
The goal behind the Fix was for us as entrepreneurs to identify the weak points of our business and to move forward with an ideal course of action for 2012. Not only did I learn ways to better my business but it absolutely inspired me to not give up. I am sure we all have moments when we feel we might not be doing the best we could and so it may seem like giving up is easier. Uh-uh, no way Jose. I am in this for the long haul so my only option is to look at how I handle my business in a new way. She encouraged us to look at other photographers as our peers and not competitors. In order for this industry to grow, we have to work together to make it better. Jasmine totally rocked it out as she always does and her confidence in others is what I admire the most. She is down to earth, super funny and extremely humble. Thank you Jasmine :-)

An awesome girl named Cassie set up a pre-"Fix" meet and greet at a bar in midtown. About 30 of us attended and it was fabulous. To be in a room filled with photographers just getting to know each other and sharing their stories was amazing. It was most definitely the best ice breaker prior to the event. I made new friends and reunited with old ones :-) Shout out to Astami B!

I had an absolute blast and look forward to a reunion soon! As the ever so wise J* would say "Stay Fabulous!". It was great meeting all of you.

Waiting in line for the elevator:








What this slide said "Don't Stop Shooting"





Cassi Claire said...

Judie this is sooo great! Thank you for mentioning me! Love the pictures!! :)

astami said...

love this! i saw we have a fixreunion next month ;)

Jasmine Star said...

Thank you SO much for coming out and being so amazing! :)