Quality time!

This past Sunday the Hubs and I along with my brother and niece decided to pay my grandparents a visit. It had been a couple of months since we saw them and so we decided on a whim to drive into Jersey and say hello. My grandma was diagnosed with progressive Dementia about two years ago and its been pretty hard on all of us. My grandma was no joke when we were kids. She was tough and super strict so to see her so vulnerable is pretty heart breaking.

What I adore the most about her is that regardless of her "diagnosis", my grandma is still 100% all there, she just needs a little help remembering at times. Her funky spunk is what keeps all of us going strong! She is hilarious and loves to laugh :-) We love you Abuela!


Back story about this photo: We are Cuban and my husband is Puertorican so every time we are together we talk about Cuba and how poor the country is. Well my grandpa always gets over excited when talking about his country and how Fidel ruined it. This captures one of those convos..lol.

My brother and my niece


The Hubs, The Bro & The G-Pop

The lady who owns our hearts!



And here it is folks, my beautiful grandma's sense of humor never fails!!


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