April 23, 2012 = Year 1 = Amazing!

This is a post that I should have posted yesterday but everytime I tried to write it, all I did was cry. I didn't cry because I was sad but I cried because everytime I think about our Wedding Day it overwhelms me with such emotion. We had been together for almost seven years before we got married. "It's like you're already married" people used to say and I guess if you look at it theoretically, yes, they were right. However, being pronounced as man and wife in a room infront of all our loved ones is what we were looking forward to the most.

Its the sanctity of marriage and what it signifies that we hold with such high regard and that is what we wanted in our lives. Knowing that to us, this was it. We were giving ourselves to eachother til death due us part. We were going to give our union everything, stick it out through thick and thin because those are the vows that we value. Our love and respect for one another is what is the most important to us. So yes, to those who know us its as if we were already married but to us, we were preparing for the rest of our lives together as a couple. We found eachother and couldn't wait to celebrate that love with everyone else.

My love,
We made it through this first year and they say the first year is the hardest. Its incredible how much we have learned about eachother in this year and how we overcame the few obstacles that were thrown at us. I adore your laughter and admire your sincerity. I love you for not only being the great person you are but for being a wonderful friend, an amazing father and an incredible husband. I love you with all my being and I am truly blessed to be your wife. You have made me so incredibly happy and it only keeps getting better. Happy Anniversary my love, I love you! IMG-c3-0154 IMG-c3-0153 IMG-c1-0013 IMG-c1-0071 IMG-c1-0376 IMG-c1-0521 IMG-c1-0543 IMG-c1-0692 IMG-c1-0870 IMG-c1-0942 IMG-c1-0962 IMG-c1-1013-2 IMG-c1-1138 IMG-c3-0065 _MG_5004 2 Our wedding photos are courtesy of Tina Sbrigato! Happy Tuesday!!


Latina Vega said...

I love that You couldn't post this yesterday due to your emotional state. Amazing way to feel about your spouse. Congratulations again Judy and Jaun!!

crankyT said...

Such a beautiful couple. Congratulations again! :)

Daniel Rojas said...

Congrats! So happy for you guy's. Looks like it was a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

so glad that I could be there to share in the warmth of your love! It made me very, very happy! Evelyn!