Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Part 1

My husband and I just returned from what was one of the most beautiful tropical vacations ever, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I had never been to Mexico before with the exception of Tijuana when I was 16 with my parents for one day. I was skeptical at first because of all the horrible news with tourists missing or being killed (drama queen) but my dear friend Jade who travels there often, convinced me that I would be perfectly Feeling excited kicked in full speed!!

We truly had a blast and are now planning a return trip for next summer with the family! Here are some photos.

Jade & Shane, excited to be on a plane to Mexico! Who wouldn't be ;-) 2012-05-07_001 Such a perfect welcome DSC00311 Our Platinum Suite 2012-05-07_056 2012-05-07_058 Yep, I'd say he was feeling relaxed the moment we got 2012-05-07_061 2012-05-07_062 A few days later, we took a cab into town: 2012-05-07_009 2012-05-07_012 2012-05-07_010 2012-05-07_015 2012-05-07_004 2012-05-07_005 We stopped by a Shell store where they sold shell candles and hanging lights. Awesome stuff. I was able to capture this one photo because they owner shook his head no when I took out the camera...:-( I will try to find the website. 2012-05-07_003 DSC00400 2012-05-07_067 Part 2 will come on tomorrow! Adios!


Cassi Claire said...

Soooo glad you made it back safely!!! Now it's my turn haha!!! These pictures are getting me soooo excited!!!

Yaira said...

Love the piks!!!!