J & M What's Next Tour!

I know, I know..this post is long over due but better late than never right? Back in January I had the honor and pleasure of attending Justin & Mary Marantz's What's Next Tour. They stopped in several cities through out the US and good'ole NYC was one :-)

I have attended their Spread the Love Tour and they are just so inspiring so I knew that this tour would be just as inspiring, if not more and all I can say is it was truly what I needed to get my rear moving in the right direction! Hearing Mary speak is so comforting that you are totally consumed by her words and she definitely had some keys words that have stuck with me to this day.

Regret - Why regret when you're still living? You have to live in the now. Make the choice to step out of the shadows and stop watching someone else live your dreams. Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled, because that could be the road that will lead you to the great things. Make the choice to not regret the choices that you’ve made.

Failure - You will fail! This is life and we will all fail. You just have to remember that every time we fail, we get stronger. How else will we learn from our mistakes if we don’t fail at it the first time? You cannot let failure stand in the way of your dreams. Everyone is afraid of failing, of not being good enough, but little do you know that this thing you’re so afraid of, is just a bump in the road. Fail Forward: Action trumps fear. Fear lies and says “I can’t. I can’t, I can’t” until you do!

Rejection - Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle because you will eventually get there. We have all been there and feeling rejected doesn’t feel good. We begin to second guess ourselves when we know we are good enough but what we need to do is allow that rejection to move us forward and not stay “safe”. How is “safe” working out for you?

Fear - We are afraid to step out of the shadows because we will be criticized! What we fail to realize is that if you’re not being criticized you’re not working hard enough and you’re not doing anything exciting enough. You want to be criticized!

All of this which when written on paper may not seem like a big deal, really is. Its truly helped me to accept that it's ok to have these feelings but I can't allow it to stop me from living my dream. Thank you Mary and Justin for allowing me the opportunity to learn from you. Although it's so much easier to give up then move forward, I have to keep on living my life and making my dreams come true for me. I am giving myself permission to chase my dreams!



Yes, totally got busted snapping away by Ashley of Ashley Therese Photography, she is too cool!

We each had to get up and write our fears on the board!


The Lighting portion of the Tour was equally as inspiring! Justin totally rocked it out.



Got to catch up with my girl Candice! Great seeing you :-)

"Sometimes the biggest critic in your life is you!"

Have a fantabulous weekend!


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