I am back!

Hello beautiful people of the interwebs!  I hope everyone is doing well.  As for me, well while I was on hiatus from Bloggersville I was able to concentrate on my family more, meet some fabulous women in the industry who I can say have motivated me, began my re branding and took some cool photos!  I shot some portraits, an engagement session (close to my heart) and second shot a wedding with my own wedding photographer. 

I traveled a bit also.  In April my girlfriends and I went to Miami for the weekend, went on a cruise with my hubby for the first time in May and revisited beautiful Puerto Rico in July!  Wow, its been pretty busy if I might say so myself...lol. 

Despite taking this breather and not stressing about my business, the much needed break gave me the energy and courage I was lacking to move forward and start strong.  With the help of a fabulous lady who I will blog about soon, my blog and site will be making it debut in approximately one month, God willing. 

So I say this to all of you who have remained faithful to my blog and have asked when my next post was coming, Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your kind comments are what keep me going.  Your commitment to me means the world and make this journey all the more worth while.

I am back baby!! 



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