{Personal} I Heart California!

It was the start of our 6th snow storm in NYC.....6! I was at home with the Hubs when after watching the weather channel I knew I just had to tell him. It was a Tuesday night and we were flying out Thursday night except the storm was going to being Wednesday night...I had planned a surprised Valentine's Day getaway to California and what was kept a secret for well over a month was slowly starting to unveil itself because of this Polar Vortex. My hands were sweating because I really didn't want to spill the beans but I was running out of options. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Honey, there is something I have to tell you
Hubs: Yeah? What's up (completely distracted watching TV)
Me: Well you know how I told you I had something pretty special planned out for VDay?
Hubs: MMmHmm
Me: Well those plans are going to be ruined if you don't help me (sad face)
Hubs: Now if this is your plan how is this my issue now? (yeah, he can get snarky like that)
Me: Well the surprise was that I am taking you to California for the weekend
Hubs: Really? When?
Me: We are supposed to leave Thursday night but now this stupid storm is coming in and we may get snowed in if we don't leave tomorrow.
Hubs: (long Pause - his mind was at work here) What airline? Gimme the phone ASAP!
Me: Delta, but I already triedn and the hold time is 4 hours!
Hubs: Don't worry, we are going to get out of here one way or another

And just like that were able to get the first flight out on Thursday morning because everything else was booked. Any thought of an excited "oh wow Honey really? I love you soo much thank you" went out the window. I really wanted the "surprised" reaction but we were both so concerned about actually being able to fly out that it was forgotten. We got to the airport 3 hours early and boarded on time. We stayed on the plane delayed for two hours before we took off but people, WE TOOK OFF!!!!! Those snow flakes were the size of golf balls and we were still able to make it out. Once we were in the air I finally got my hug and kiss and endless thank you's :-) Mission accomplished. It wasn't quite the surprise I was going for but it all worked out for the best!

We were short on time and so were limited with where we can visit but I absolutely adore California and the Los Angeles area. Can't wait to go back!

Venice Beach was a site for sore eyes!



Los Angeles


Went for a hike after visiting the Griffith Observatory



Here is the Hubs taking a detour trying to avoid the trail


Our gracious hosts Jade and Shane

Seriously? Look at that view!!



This guy planked on a bar!

What better way to end the weekend than to hit up a Sprinkles Cupcake shop..Yummers!


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